commit: New fp_DummyRun class for TOC's

Date: Thu Feb 19 2004 - 23:08:21 EST

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    new fp_DummyRun class to remove unwanted Listlabels from TOC's

    The proble here is that I want to able to overide the list lables from the
    document with new user-defined list-labels in the document. However
    t=sicen the list lables in the documents occuply real positions in the
    document if I simply remove them fromthe TOC, the following text will have
    the wrong offsets.

    Instead I overwrite the the lastlable and tab runs from the start of the
    document with these new fp_DummyRun's. These have o width, the same height
    as the rest of the line and length 1. They neight print or clearscreen.

    This all works nice now.

    Next step to invent TOC listlables.



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