Announce: 2.0 release plan

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Sat Jan 18 2003 - 12:08:55 EST

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    AbiWord development has been progressing at a
    marvelous clip and it's getting to the point where we
    should put another big, fancy DOT-OH release out

    These past 8 months or so have seen an absolutely
    tremendous amount of work. The 2.0 release will be
    focussed on stabilizing and polishing those new
    features, adding a few remaining features, and making
    sure that we haven't regressed with regard to our
    previous (1.0) feature set.

    I said this before I released 1.0 - "This isn't to
    mark the end of AbiWord development, it marks the
    beginning." Well, 2.0 marks an incremental advancement
    towards that mythical end. 2.0 will have bugs. 2.0
    will lack features. This is to be expected. But we
    promise to do our best to keep the nasties to a
    minimum and incorporate missing features into future

    Target Platforms:
    *NIX (Linux, BSD, Solaris, XDarwin in particular)

    If the MacOSX/Cocoa build progresses substantially, we
    might have an "experimental" release of it. I will not
    hold back the 2.0 release on MacOSX's behalf.

    At present, I'm using bug 4468 as a tracker bug for
    many of the issues that stand in the way of the 2.0
    release. 4468 is not complete, but we'll work on
    making it better represent how we want 2.0 to come

    Expected New Features (in addition to our current
    feature set):
    * Better mail merge UI
    * Gnome Port (GnomePrint, GAL toolbar widgets, and the
    Bonobo control only for now)

    Expected polish/bugfix/improved 2.0 features:
    * Tables (UI, interaction, imp/exp)
    * Footnotes (needs imp/exp to RTF, DOC)
    * Endnotes (make work again, imp/exp)
    * Revisions (make work properly, imp/exp)
    * BiDi
    * XFT fonts on unix
    * Unix printing
    * OpenOffice importer/exporter
    * Mail merge
    * Barbarisms

    Expected polish/bugfix/improvements over 1.0 features:
    * HTML import/export
    * GTK2 UI (ideally remove any deprecated
    widgets/functions, make work on both GTK 2.0 and 2.2)
    * XSL-FO import/export
    * Spelling problems
    * Help problems
    * Crash problems

    These lists are by no means meant to be exhaustive.
    All suggestions should be sent to the list in a reply
    to this email.

    So, timelines...

    This needs to be a delicate balance between a set
    schedule and a "release it when it's ready"

    Tentatively, I'm thinking that we should AIM to have
    2.0 out by May 1st, 2003.

    Jan 22: 1.1.3 release. Soft feature freeze. No
    features not listed above allowed in.

    February 22: 2.0alpha1 release.

    March 1: Hard feature freeze (1 1/2 months for above
    feature work). Only polish and bugfixes on above "New"
    features allowed. Anything missing punted to beyond
    2.0. 2.0beta1 release. 2 months until release.

    March 30: String and documentation freeze.
    Translations accepted, no new en-US. 2.0beta2 release.

    April 6: 2.0beta3 release

    April 13: 2.0rc1 release

    April 20: No more strings, even translated ones (3
    weeks from March 30). 2.0rc2 release

    April 27: Tree frozen. No more commits except for HUGE
    problems, trivial provably non-regression-causing, or
    build fixes.

    May 1: 2.0 released, with various source and binary
    packages available.

    May 5, 2003: Partying stopped, hangovers getting
    (marginally) better.

    All commits in the "RC" period (April 13->May 1) need
    to be authorized by myself and/or Martin. No
    exceptions. Patches are to be sent to the list in 'cvs
    diff -u' format.

    All commits from March 1->May 1 may not break the tree
    intentionally. Stub functionality on alternate
    platforms, or coordinate your work with the other
    platform maintainers.

    There will be nightly builds and testing thereof
    during the "RC" period. KJD has win32 nightlies, Marc
    has Linux RPMs from his tinderbox.

    Matthew Craig is working on a regression and unit test
    suite. Some of us have helped him with it so far. He's
    rounded up some testers and seems to be off to a good

    We'll need help from all involved during these
    upcoming months.

    We'll need patience from the developers, as I know
    you'll all be itching to work on new features and
    hating the seemingly endless bugfixing. Please do your
    best to squash bugs. I know better than anyone how
    much the 1.0 process hurt. Hopefully this will be less
    painful. But be prepared to endure it again.

    We'll need help from the users. We'll need people to
    scour bugzilla, fill in the twiki, fill up bugzilla
    with new bugs, work on the testsuite.

    Please respond to this mail with thoughts and ideas.
    I'd write more here, but my hands hurt.


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