BACKPORT PATCH: Re: commit (HEAD): fix kbd language handling

From: Marc Maurer (
Date: Tue Dec 30 2003 - 16:41:19 EST

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    I backported this patch to STABLE, but I will not commit it until
    someone implements the needed changes on all platforms. Even for HEAD
    this has not been done yet, and it should not be forgotten.

    Attaching a patch against STABLE to make it easier for people to make
    the needed changes on STABLE.


    Op vr 05-12-2003, om 15:14 schreef Tomas Frydrych:
    > I have put in place framework for proper handling of language changes
    > in dependence on changes of keyboard layout. This involves three new
    > functions in XAP_App
    > const UT_LangRecord * getKbdLang();
    > void setKbdLang(const char * pszLang);
    > virtual const char * _getKbdLang();
    > platform code needs to overwrite default impl. of _getKbdLang() with
    > meaningful code and ensure that setKbdLang() is called in response to
    > changes of kbd layout once we are up and runing (win32 impl. in
    > place).
    > In addition, you need to make sure that XAP_App::initialize() is not
    > called before string set has been loaded (on win32 this required
    > reordering stuff in ap_Win32App::initialize()).
    > I also renamed the basic type that makes up the UT_Language data
    > table to a more meaningful UT_LangRecord (it is now used outside of
    > the UT_Language class).
    > These changes should be backported to stable (some bidi code depends
    > on proper handling of keyboard language).
    > files: UT_Language.h/cpp, xap_App.h/cpp, xap_Win32App.h/cpp,
    > xap_Win32FrameImpl.cpp, ap_EditMethods.cpp, fv_View_cmd.cpp
    > Tomas

    Marc Maurer <>

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