Commit (STABLE): Re: commit: Fix 6234 - Endnotes/Footnotes should be much better now.

From: Marc Maurer (
Date: Sat Dec 27 2003 - 22:35:55 EST

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    > I found and fixed 3 more bugs here. Any one of which would eventually
    > cause editting docs with footnotes and endnotes to crash (but not
    > immediately).

    Makes you wonder what STABLE means these days.... :D

    > Jordi, please test with your most vicous document :-)

    And please test this backport as well :)

    > This should be back-ported.

    Damnit, that dash in "back-ported" bypassed my
    NEATO-Filter-Which-Automagically-Dumps-Commits-That-Need-To-Be-Ported-In-A-Special-Folder ! I'll sue you under the DMCA!

    erm, nevermind, I don't seem to live in the US but in the netherlands...
    which, btw, my replying to your mail @ 4:30 am does not suggest.

    > PS. If Jordi reports that using endnotes/footnotes is now reliable we
    > should do a new STABLE release very quickly.

    Yeah, sure, we love to write changelogs & release notes, tag trees,
    build binaries, update websites, etc .... Nah, just kidding here :)

    Backport: Fully fix 6234 Footnotes/Endnotes should be much more
    reliable. (martin)
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    Marc Maurer <>

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