Re: Trouble with printing

Date: Thu Dec 25 2003 - 08:00:33 EST

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    > Hi!
    > When I want to print documents from AbiWord, the layout is totally
    > different
    > than the one on the screen. The letters are blured and closer to each
    > other,
    > the whole document printed is at most 75% width than it should be. I use
    > the
    > AbiWord 2.0.2. on Windows 98. The Printer is Star LC-20 with all drivers
    > properly installed. I can`t figure out what could be the problem and how
    > should I solve it. I`d like to get some help...

    It sounds like AbiWord has exposed some bugs in your printer drivers.

    A suggested work-around is to install ghostview from ghostgum and their
    printer re-director. This will produce postscript file for you. You could
    then try printing these postscript files with the ghostvoew program.

    Good Luck!

    Please tell us if this works. We often get printing complaints from
    Windows users that often caused by buggy drivers. I'd very interested to
    know if this work-around works because we could use it for many other

    > Thanks!
    > Gabor Losonc

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