Helping with Indic [Re: AbiWord-2.1.0 Released!]

From: Alan Horkan (
Date: Fri Dec 19 2003 - 13:49:00 EST

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    On Fri, 19 Dec 2003, Ramanan Selvaratnam wrote:

    > ... how can one (note : I did not say I) be useful with the 'indic'
    > support that Martin tells me, needs help? What type of help?

    At a bare minimum run it, type a letter or essay and see if things work
    all right and if special characters are handled correctly.
    I vaguely recall that things can be difficult if you dont have all the
    right fonts. Abiword only uses fonts that it can print properly so that
    "What you see [onscreen, really] is what you get" when you print it out.

    Presumabley you have used some indic languages using Gedit, even checking
    if abiword works as consistantly as it does would be helpful.

    > Also I understand help is needed with localisig the Gtk2+ interface and
    > messages. Tell me more.

    I dont know anything that but I'm hoping my prompt reply will allow you do
    to something in the meantime. I expect Martin will reply with more detail
    when the sun rises in Australia.

    i'm not sure if there is much about Indic in bugzilla but searching the
    mailing lists archives should also give you ideas. I find a good way to
    search is to use google and restric it to search only the abisource
    website and then add the mailing list name and perhaps an additional
    keyword (indic, tamil, ...) should produce some useful results abiword-dev

    (On a less busy day I'd try looking for you but I'm all tired out by
    Christmas shopping)

    > Whay are you not in the Gnome CVS to benefit from the GTP (where I am
    > Tamil coordinator ... why so little is localised is a long story)

    I suppose abiword could set something up to sync its PO files with a
    repository in Gnome CVS. Historically Abiword was started as a commercial
    (but open source) venture and it suited them better to have their own
    systems for most things and it is still very useful, personally I find the
    Abiword Bugzilla much more managable than Gnome because it is so much more
    focused and much smaller.
    To the best of my knowledge the only reason we dont use Gnome CVS is that
    historically we have not used Gnome CVS and there has not yet been any
    huge reason or even desire to switch but if there were good reasons and it
    was worth effort it may well happen.

    > All the best,
    > Ramanan, UK

    Hope that helps


    Alan Horkan

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