Initial Release notes. Re: ATTN: AbiWord 2.1.0 Tagged / Tree reopened

From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Wed Dec 17 2003 - 22:46:04 EST

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    Initial release notes for 2.1.0

    AbiWord-2.1.0 Released!
    The AbiWord team is pleased to announce the first release of the new
    development branch, AbiWord-2.1.0.

    This branch will eventually become AbiWord-2.2

    The release has all the bug fixes made to AbiWord-2.0 plus the following
    new features.

            Substantial speed ups for large document loading . (A factor 7 times
    faster for large documents.)
            Substantial speed ups for large table manipulations.
            Much less flickering.
            All documents instantly zoom to the requested size. (Including very
    large ones).
            Set images as backgrounds to pages.
            Initial work to enable SWIG scripting of AbiWord.
            Set images as backgrounds to table cells.
            Text Boxes.
            Initial work for a floating Style Pane.
            Visual copy/cut/paste of text. (You can visually drag text with your
    mouse to where you want to place it)
            Table columns can be selected, copied, cut, pasted and dragged and
    dropped visually.
            Split cells for Tables.
            Import HTML tables into AbiWord
            Substantial improvements to revisions.
            Revision history.
            Rollback or roll forward of revisions.
            Compare documents and make revisions from the differences.
            Simple C-interface to enable AbiWord to be used as a document server.

    Users should aware that the features listed here are not yet bug free
    and that more new features will be added for the AbiWord-2.2 release.

    Binaries for AbiWord-2.1.0 are available from

    The AbiWord developers encourage users to test this build and report
    bugs to


    Abi the ant and her intrepid hackers.

    On Thu, 2003-12-18 at 13:47, Marc Maurer wrote:
    > AbiWord 2.1.0 Tagged - HEAD tree open again. Jup, that's it. New
    > features have to wait until 2.1.0.
    > Tag Name: release-2-1-0
    > Tagged Modules: abi abidistfiles abiword-docs abiword-plugins expat
    > fribidi libiconv libpng nsis popt wv zlib MSVC6
    > Packagers, scramble to make some nice packages! Furthermore, we need
    > some release notes, which martin is writing at this very moment, and a
    > ChangeLog, which bonsai can provide, but I'm to tired to collect it.
    > Besides, it would be HUGE.
    > Tarballs uploaded to SF (but not yet available, since SF is offline):
    > b6ab22c7d6de6919afdf03d0d217dafd abiword-2.1.0.tar.bz2
    > fd14d7963655b34de3b889a754470375 abiword-2.1.0.tar.gz
    > As was the case with 2.0.2, the plugins are included in the abiword
    > tarball as well.
    > Have fun!
    > Marc

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