Tree closed for 2.1.0 tag.

From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Wed Dec 17 2003 - 20:43:19 EST

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    Hi everyone,
                 please don't commit until I give the all clear. Jordi, I
    tested the current CVS HEAD with windows. While it's not on a par with
    unix it's not too bad. It's OK for an unstable release in my opinion.
    Windows doesn't display dragged images right now and leaves dirt behind
    while dragging. It also doesn't change the cursor shape during insert of
    text boxes. Never-the-less it does demonstrate our new features. I can
    live with these for a first release of the unstable branch.

    I'll post release notes here fore announcing the release and as always,
    I would really appreciate volenteers to build binaries.



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