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Date: Tue Dec 16 2003 - 23:49:59 EST

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    On Sun, 2003-12-14 at 20:13, wrote:

    > Hi Tomas,
    > Thank you very much for this excellent description and for these
    > extremely cool features. AbiWord needs these to be useful to
    > advanced "Knowledge Workers". I not have been a sufficient Power
    > User of Word Processors to use these features in the past but
    > from your description I'm sure they would have useful in
    > preparing Grant applications with several colleagues.

    I've used them in editing, and it's the main feature I still miss in

    > After debugging we need import/export from MS Word/RTF (*sigh*) (at least)
    > and OOo (one day).

    Unfortunately, I can't really make best use of the feature until we have
    RTF export (at least), or until I can convince all my authors to use
    Abi. Which will mean 2.2, but might not be impossible if we have an OS X
    build by then.


    (P.S. No, I'm not dead, but Japan is a lot busier than anticipated so
    I've had no time to do any docs work, sorry. Anyone interested in
    exactly how I've been busy is invited to visit


    David Chart
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