commit: Document server code for AbiCommand.

Date: Mon Dec 15 2003 - 01:27:15 EST

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    Simple C interface to remotely executing AbiWord-2.2 process.

    This is committed inside the AbiCommand plugin directory. It's a simple
    interface to setup AbiWord as a remote document server. In uses the
    AbiCommand command line interface to control a remotely running AbiWord
    process. It is fault tolerant. If AbiWord crashes it will restart a
    process. The C-interface is extremely simple.

     * The function is fault tolerant and will report if a requested
     * file is not capable of being converted.
     * It will also restart AbiWord if it does crash on the next invocation
     * of convertFileToText.
     * Inputs: inFile - The path to the word processor file to be converted.
     * outFile - The path to the file containing the plain text of the
     * word processor file.
     * The function blocks until the conversion is complete or until
     * the conversion fails.
     * It returns 0 upon a successful conversion
     * and -1 if the conversion fails.
    int convertFileToText(const char * inFile, const char * outFile)

     * Call this method after all conversions have completed. Otherwise you'll
     * have a runaway AbiWord-2.2 process.
    int finalizeConversions(void)

    This can be used to scan all the WP documents on a hard disk and index
    them for content.

    It was constructed for the dashboard project but other groups might be
    interested too.

    I personally want to set up a thumb name server for nautilus so all your
    WP docs have a nice thumb-nail in the nautilus file browser.



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