Re: commit: New AbiCommand feature - converttotext

Date: Fri Dec 12 2003 - 09:32:58 EST

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    > En/na ha escrit:
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    >> New abicommand feature - converttotext.
    >> Usage from within AbiCommand:
    >> converttotext source dest
    >> Converts the word processor file <source> and converts to the plain text
    >> file
    >> <dest>
    >> If <dest> is ommitted the destination file is source.txt
    >> This is useful for indexing a users documents. Now we just need some
    >> clever IPC code to feed
    >> AbiWord-2.2 --plugin AbiCommand
    >> whatever file needs indexing.
    >> Over to you nadav!
    >> Cheers
    > Do we need something special to make this work on non-unix platforms or is
    > complete XP code?
    Hi Jordi,

    The AbiCommand plugin needs UnixNullGraphics which is Unix only. I *think*
    it might be possible to make it XP but at the time I wrote the code, there
    wasn't much interest in a command-line interface to AbiWord outside Unix.
    (and not much within the Unix users either...)

    It would be trivial to add another command line option to convert to any
    of the formats we can write to.

    With a bit of unix pipe magic we turn AbiWord into a server to transmute
    documents from any to any of our formats. We do this using Dom's ultra
    cool AP_Convert class and never have to build the layouts. With our speedy
    new piecetable methods, this is also very fast. This has many uses, the
    one being persued by nadav, me and the dashboard project is to index all a
    users documents based on content. A personal google for your desktop :-)

    > BTW, I finally fill up three bug reports with diferents documents that
    > make
    > Abi crash badly. I have more of those, but I want to wait until you guys
    > fix
    > these three.

             I saw them thanks! I'll do a deal with you. Fix Windows HEAD so
    we can release 2.1.0 and I'll spend some time seeing why the docs
    crash :-)



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