Re: commit (HEAD): more revisions work

From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Thu Dec 11 2003 - 00:06:13 EST

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    On Tue, 2003-12-09 at 21:57, Tomas Frydrych wrote:
    > It is now possible to show what the document looks like both before
    > revisions and after the last revision.
    > Added date column to the List Revisions dialogue; changes to platform
    > code required (win32 done): the revision list now has three columns,
    > listing id, date and comment.
    > Import of revision mark/show settings from Word files.
    > files: ie_imp_MSWord.cpp, fp_Run.cpp, fv_View.h/cpp, fv_View_cmd.cpp,
    > ap_EditMethods.cpp, ap_String_Id.h, various ap_Menu* files,
    > ap_Dialog_ListRevisions.h/cpp, ap_Win32Dlg_ListRevisions.cpp

    Hi Tomas,
              Could you commit a screen shot of the ListRevisions dialog so we can
    implement it on other platforms?

    BTW I'm very happy to see Revisions being fleshed out like this :-)



    > Tomas

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