Re: commit: support for pictures in RTF objects

From: Marc Maurer (
Date: Wed Dec 10 2003 - 15:03:11 EST

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    Jordi, I saw in the tbox you forwardported this commit, and the "handles
    exceptions more nicely" commit to HEAD. (I'm kinda puzzled that no-one
    came up with such a patch before :-) - Thanks!

    Could you inform the list about such commits as well? Since I use it to
    keep track of the patches that need Committing, Forward or Backporting.
    We don't want patches to drop into /dev/void somewhere between STABLE
    and HEAD.

    Happy Hacking!

    Op ma 08-12-2003, om 21:44 schreef Jordi Mas:
    > CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    > CVS: Enter Log. Lines beginning with `CVS:' are removed automatically
    > CVS:
    > CVS: Committing in .
    > CVS:
    > CVS: Modified Files:
    > CVS: Tag: ABI-2-0-0-STABLE
    > CVS: src/wp/impexp/xp/ie_imp_RTF.cpp
    > CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    > This allows the RTF parser to obtain the picture associated to a Microsoft OLE
    > embedded object. This is specially important for Windows users (and others)
    > because many Microsoft tools produce objects that contain images in this
    > format, including simple tools like Microsoft Paint. Without handeling we do
    > not import the picture.
    > I will forward port this patch in a few days.

    Marc Maurer <>

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