Commit (HEAD): fix bug 4908 and 4967 (BREAKING Win32 and QNX)

From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Tue Dec 09 2003 - 18:52:32 EST

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    Fix bug 4908 and bug 4967: toolbar were hardocded into GUI.... (and
    missing Table toolbar).

    I made a few changes into XP framework, and did the appropriate
    changes in UNIX and MacOS X front-end. It will break Win32 and QNX. It
    will add a few strings and remove a few others.
    I did not change Win32 because there are a few things I don't really
    feel to do: WiN32 seems to have a control for each toolbar instead of
    a list like in MacOS X and Unix. Same for QNX.... <sigh>

    What you have to do in the Dialog_Option:

    do this to fill in the widget that list the toolbars.

    const UT_Vector & vec =
    UT_uint32 i;
    for (i = 0; i < vec.getItemCount(); i++) {
           str = reinterpret_cast<const
           // add to the widget

    Remove: (3 of each for 4 toolbars !!)

    Implement pure virtual functions:

    I might backport this to STABLE, including the Win32 and QNX fix. This
    will not happen before 2.0.2

    CVS: Modified Files:
    CVS: src/af/xap/xp/xap_Toolbar_Layouts.h
    CVS: src/wp/ap/cocoa/ap_CocoaDialog_Options.h
    CVS: src/wp/ap/cocoa/
    CVS: src/wp/ap/unix/ap_UnixDialog_Options.cpp
    CVS: src/wp/ap/unix/ap_UnixDialog_Options.h
    CVS: src/wp/ap/xp/ap_Dialog_Options.cpp
    CVS: src/wp/ap/xp/ap_Dialog_Options.h
    CVS: src/wp/ap/xp/ap_EditMethods.cpp
    CVS: src/wp/ap/xp/ap_Menu_ActionSet.cpp
    CVS: src/wp/ap/xp/ap_Menu_Functions.cpp
    CVS: src/wp/ap/xp/ap_Menu_Functions.h
    CVS: src/wp/ap/xp/ap_Menu_Id_List.h
    CVS: src/wp/ap/xp/ap_Menu_Layouts_MainMenu.h
    CVS: src/wp/ap/xp/ap_String_Id.h
    CVS: src/wp/ap/xp/ap_TB_Layouts_ExtraOps.h
    CVS: src/wp/ap/xp/ap_TB_Layouts_FileEditOps.h
    CVS: src/wp/ap/xp/ap_TB_Layouts_FormatOps.h
    CVS: src/wp/ap/xp/ap_TB_Layouts_TableOps.h
    CVS: src/wp/ap/xp/ap_Toolbar_Layouts.cpp



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