commit (HEAD): more revisions

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Sun Dec 07 2003 - 15:43:16 EST

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    slowly getting there; the Tools->Revisions->Show command now seems to
    work and the Show and Mark states are stored in the document, i.e.,
    if you last saved your doc with revision marking on, then next time
    you load it it will be in mark revisions mode (resuming the last

    Added time stamp to each revision and
    AP_Dialog_ListRevisions::getNtItemTime(). However, since the function
    uses strftime, the stamp is not going to be properly localised (see
    my separate posting on dates and times).

    Added PD_Document::forceDirty(); it not only sets the m_bForcedDirty
    member but also signals listeners (so that the Save command is made

    Fixed SIGSEGV bug in revision export in AW format.

    files: pd_Document.h/cpp, fv_View.h/cpp, fv_View_cmd.cpp,
    ie_exp_AbiWord_1.cpp, ie_imp_AbiWord_1.cpp, ie_imp_XML.h/cpp,
    ap_Dialog_*Revisions.h/cpp, ap_Menu_Functions.cpp, fp_Run.cpp,


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