commit (HEAD): more revisions work

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Sat Dec 06 2003 - 17:50:06 EST

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    Well on the way to being able to hide revisions (i.e., to show the
    document as it looked before the revisions were made):

    refactored PD_Document::setAttrProp() so that it could be called
    before we call the importer to read in document; this ensures that
    default values for document properties and attributes are always set
    for anything that is not subsequently overwritten by the importer.

    split virtual fp_Run::recalcWidth() into non-virtual recalcWidth()
    and virtual _recalcWidth() to allow for common processing in the base
    class (e.g., if a run has visibility set to hidden, its width has to
    be set to 0 no matter what kind of run it is).

    renamed the poorely named fp_Run::isHidden() to getVisibility() and
    implemented proper boolean isHidden() alongside it; this reduces
    clutter in fp_Line and will significantly improves maintainability.

    improved fp_Run::setVisibility()

    fixed a bug in fl_BlockLayout::findPointCoords()

    made various other changes related to handling non-visible runs and

    files: fp_*Run.h/cpp, fv_View_protected.cpp, fv_View.cpp,
    fp_Line.cpp, pd_Document.h/cpp, pp_Revision.h/cpp,


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