Re: Regarding fp_TextRun::_draw

From: Jordi Mas (
Date: Thu Dec 04 2003 - 03:56:53 EST

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    En/na Tomas Frydrych ha escrit:

    > Hi Jordi,
    > yes, we need to call both _stripLigaturePlaceHolders() and
    > _calculateCharAdvances() (in that order) before we start drawing; we
    > do so in the head (line 1584, just before if(pG-

    Sorry Tomas,

    I forgot to mention that I work in stable. In stable, We call
    _calculateCharAdvances() but when iLen=1 the rutine exits quickly and the line
    3426 [for(UT_uint32 n = 0; n < iLen - 1; n++)] is not executed.

    It looks to me that this was fixed in the commit 1.252 at fp_TextRun.cpp.

    May be you can have a look to the change log:

    and tell me which modifications should be backported, if any needs really to
    be backported. May be we have to live with this in stable.

    Thanks Tomas.


    Jordi Mas i Herna`ndez (homepage

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