Regarding fp_TextRun::_draw

From: Jordi Mas (
Date: Tue Dec 02 2003 - 12:42:27 EST

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    Under Win32 if you open Abiword and type a few letters, the line 1795 at
    fp_TextRun::_draw containing this code:

    getGR()->drawChars(s_pCharBuff, iMyOffset,
                    iX, yTopOfRun,s_pCharAdvance + iMyOffset);

    has a problem. s_pCharAdvance has been allocated but not initialised.
    Basically, we are passing to drawChars an uninitialised piece of memory.
    I guess that _calculateCharAdvances should be called first.

    Any idea? I'm just pointing a problem. I'm not familiar with this piece of code.



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