Text relations in ots;

From: Nadav Rotem (nadavrotem_at_mail.ru)
Date: Tue Dec 02 2003 - 02:59:46 EST

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    I added two new functions to the CVS version of OTS:

    int ots_text_relations(
    const unsigned char *text1,const unsigned char *lang_code1,
    const unsigned char *text2,const unsigned char *lang_code2,const int
    char* ots_text_topics(
    const unsigned char *text,const unsigned char *lang_code,int topic_num);

    These two functions tell you how two blocks of text relate to
    one-another. The score given is the number of topics the two share. One
    example of an application is to have a program automatically give score
    to comments on slashdot based on how they relate to the main article;
    The program can tell if the comment is on or off-topic but cannot tell
    if it is smart/funny/informative etc. Another application is to be able
    to bring up similar documents or the one that relates to our document
    the most from a group of documents. I notified the good people at
    dashboard and storage and got positive feedback. I also added an example
    program to the OTS cvs that gives score to the relations between two
    text files.

    -Nadav Rotem

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