Re: the official win32 2.0.1 binary

From: Kenneth J. Davis (
Date: Mon Dec 01 2003 - 12:05:59 EST

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    >Subject: Re: the official win32 2.0.1 binary
    >From: Marc Maurer <>
    >KJD built it..
    >Op ma 01-12-2003, om 08:59 schreef
    >> I am not sure who built the official win32 binary, but would you please
    >> let me know if it has any dll dependencies (is a particular msvcrt.dll
    >> needed, is fribidi.dll needed separately).
    >> thanks
    >> Tomas

    The only DLL dependency in the 2nd (ie one with plugins, for
    download presently) 2.0.1 release is msvcrt.dll.
    Fribidi, etc. are still built and for the 2.0.x line should
    remain statically linked. As far as I know, any version
    from the early MSVC 5's to latest XP's msvcrt.dll will
    work, and only Windows 95 users will need it as I believe
    from w98 on it is included as part of the OS (not 100% sure
    about NT 4 though). Note: this is for core AbiWord only,
    as several of the plugins do require extra DLLs (glib based
    ones only IIRC).


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