Re: commit (HEAD): rever uwog's changes to ut_string.h

Date: Mon Dec 01 2003 - 02:21:21 EST

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    Hi Jordi,

    I should say, I appreciate you fixing the laguage dialogue and all the
    other stuff.

    > > I strongly disagree; I do not want windows.h included in any XP
    > > files, this beats the whole point of having a portable XP layer.
    > Tomas, we were already using WIN32 conditionals in the XP layer.

    I am not complaining about the win32 #ifdef (although we should keep
    these to a bare minimum in xp files). What I do not want is windows.h
    included in UT_string.h, which in turn is included in almost every file we

    > > Define a prototype for lstrcmpA using UT types just before the macro
    > > definition instead.
    > You have an example?

    the following should do the trick

    extern int lstrcmpA(const char * , const char *);

    Take care,


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