Re: Win32 build is screwy! or is it me?

Date: Sat Aug 30 2003 - 10:23:29 EDT

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    > Hello all,
    > Do any of you experience these issues or is it just me?

    Hi Kenneth,
               I just tested my CVS gnome build again and it works great.

    Do have access to a win nightly build? Can you see if you see the same bugs?



    > I went to update the build.zabw doc (why is this a binary file?
    > instead of a simple .abw) and well, using Abi really sucked.
    > I did find the zoom level effects the results some. Originally
    > I used Page Width, but found 100% seemed less buggy.
    > What I see:
    > - the cursor, well it is sometimes after the letter to type and
    > sometimes before (even several characters before), so don't even
    > try to type and look at the screen to see where you are.
    > - the letters, especially if you are switching between fonts
    > (times vs courier), get overwritten, i.e. characters typed later
    > overwrite or hide the characters before them (something like the
    > picture shown in bug 5504)
    > - highlighting is now a game, usually you have to start a few
    > characters before the one you want to get a full word, and just
    > watch the layout change (lines shrink & grow and the missing letters
    > from previous point show & hide as the highlighted section changes) -
    > perhaps related to some plugins, as I haven't yet tracked down
    > the cause given its somewhat intermittent, AbiWord segfaults on exit. -
    > unchanged document failed to load (my saved changes did not want to open
    > initially, oddly I retried and my 2nd retry it opened fine), this may be
    > related to the previous crash on close, so the file may just not have
    > been able to open until the process completely died?
    > All in all, I would like to know if any other dev/users see similar
    > problems or if this is just something screwy with my build(s)?
    > [I'm presently looking through bugzilla for similar bugs.]
    > Unless these are all just some simple bugs or otherwise related
    > to my building, I don't see the Windows build being ready for a
    > 2.0 release (at least I wouldn't release it on the public as is).
    > Please let me know what your results are!
    > Thanks,
    > Jeremy
    > [Oh yeah, using current CVS, only changes are in some DEBUGMSGs,
    > Windows XP home.]

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