Could someone briefly test this RTF?

From: Seth Delackner (
Date: Thu Aug 21 2003 - 14:07:19 EDT

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    I know, I should submit a bug report, but I'm heading out of
    town tomorrow and if I can solve this today it would be
    dearly appreciated:

    Could someone who has built a current CVS version please try
    opening a file containing the following RTF, then save it as
    HTML? The HTML output should have japanese characters and
    then english characters. With my source tree (synched to
    HEAD over a month ago), it only works right if the fonttbl's
    first entry is the Japanese font (whereas this RTF has the
    japanese font second):

    \f0\fnil\fcharset77 Times New Roman;
    \f1\fnil\fcharset78 Osaka;
    \f1\fs24 \
    \f1\fs24 \
    This is in english

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