Word order in translation

From: Pierre Abbat (phma@webjockey.net)
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 01:47:26 GMT

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    I'm translating the po file into Lojban (I'm not going to commit it until
    afte 1.0) and have run into a problem. MSG_DlgNotImp reads as follows:

    %s punaijecanai seltci\n
    .i ganai do mutmi'i finti gi .einai .e'u ko jmina le samselpla\n
    le %dmoi lijvelsku be la'o vy. %s .vy\n
    gi'e mrilu le terstika la'o my. abiword-dev@abisource.com .my\n
    .i ga go'e gi .e'o ko denpa

    The problem is that in the English, %s precedes %d. Is there any way to
    handle such word order differences?

    Also, if the file name happens to contain "vy", the result will be invalid
    Lojban and the delimiters will have to be changed. I don't think that's worth
    worrying about, since I don't know of any other language with this problem,
    except maybe Loglan.


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