commit: Drag'n Drop images from Galeon into AbiWord.

Subject: commit: Drag'n Drop images from Galeon into AbiWord.
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 23:21:41 CST

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Drag and drop images from Galeon into Gnome version of abiword.
Also underlines are thinner. They look much better now.

The drag and drop requires gnome-vfs. We should make gnome-vfs and bonobo
required for the gnome build now. They are both requirements of the gnome
1.4 platform. We require bleeding edge GAL libraries already. Requiring
gnome-vfs and bonobo are much more stable than GAL.

If no one dissents or does it before me I'll make the change to the

To get this to work. Open up galeon, point it at a website with images.
Hold down the left mouse button and drag. When you see the cursur change
you've selected the image. Now just drop into abiword. The image appears
at the cursor location.

For some reason I don't understand galeon doesn't immediately give the
image info in the drag and drop. It might be a bug in my rather old

If so I'll email the maintainers.

Now it is really easy to set up an easily maintainable archives of images
from the internet. Just name your *.zabw documents appropriately. Very
useful for major applications of web browsing.... Especially with the
really cool wikkipedia plugin FJF gave us yesterday :-)

I must say it is fun exploiting the internet this way :-)



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