gnome-xml and policy

Subject: gnome-xml and policy
From: Goran Thyni (
Date: Sat Jul 22 2000 - 02:35:25 CDT

Hi all,

most of the coding part of a patch for using gnome-xml
instead of expat when HAVE_GNOME is defined is ready.

The main part is minimal, but there are lots of casts
spread over the code base since XML_Char in expat is signed
and xmlChar (thru #define XML_Char xmlChar) in gnome-xml is unsigned.

The remaining problems is some diffences in handling of charsets (UTF-8)
that currently breaks the statusbar init.
I will look into that ASAP.

My question is:
1. What should I do with the patch since it currently breaks the
        a/ submit it asis anyway.
        b/ change critical parts to be ifdef by f.ex. HAVE_GNOME_XML
        c/ submit to someone for review and discussion
   The policy question is: how much breakage is acceptable?

2. One function in wv uses expat, where do I send that patch?

If someone want to have a look in the meantime, let me know, and I will
send the patch.


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